Why The Philippines

The Philippines is a very low-cost country compared to other Southeast Asian countries.

Why the Philippines?

  • Salaries in the Philippines are a fraction of those in the Western world, with the daily minimum wage set at about $8 per day.
  • The Philippines has a very high literacy rate of about 92%, with basic education made available to virtually the entire population.
  • The Philippines may be considered third-world, but majority of the people working in the business outsourcing sector are well-educated and globally competitive.
  • The Philippines has many young, skilled professionals that are willing to train and learn new skills.
  • The time zone works favorably with Australia, our office works 7am till 4pm which is 9am till 6pm EST.
  • Clarks government’s priority Ten-Point Agenda identifying the development of Clark and Subic into the best international service and logistics hub in the Southeast Asia region as a priority.