Why Do Many Businesses Are Outsourcing Online Marketing?

We’ve all heard many things about the online marketing world. At first glance, social media sites look simple – but they get more complicated as we dwell ourselves exploring their capabilities, what it can do to our businesses and how they may overhaul our marketing strategies.

Some businesses don’t focus in this area because (1) it is not their expertise, (2) it is not their top priority and (3) they don’t have much time to administer social media activities. These are the reasons why many business owners worldwide have fallen in love with the idea of outsourcing online marketing to a trusted team of experts.

Facts & Figures

Before jumping to discussing all the reasons why you (yes, you!) should hire an online marketing team to back you up, here are important facts you need to know:-

  1. Six out of ten Australians are browsing the internet while watching TV
  2. Online ads budgets skyrocket to an estimated amount of $77.37 Billion USD. This is higher than the TV ad spending which has an estimated amount of $72.01 Billion USD.
  3. Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter come respectively next to Facebook in terms of the number of users.
  4. Google is the most used search engine in Australia with a market share of 93.33%
  5. 55% of B2B buyers read your information on social media
  6. 80% of business decision makers prefer reading a series of articles about your company to get information

So, let’s begin the countdown!

10 reasons to outsourcing online marketing

10. Timesaving

If you provide SMSF advice in Mona Vale, for example, client meetings are sure to eat much of your time. A 15-minute break isn’t enough to browse what’s going on online or reply to queries.

In other words, you simply don’t have enough time to juggle your tasks as an SMSF adviser and manage your social media accounts.

Online marketing tasks are very challenging and tricky especially for someone who’s not an internet savvy. Letting a team of internet marketing experts do the job for you gives you more time to focus on your core business priorities. Choosing the right team to handle this task must be able to provide great results and conducive recommendation.

9. Stronger Marketing Campaigns

What works for others doesn’t guarantee good results for your business. This also happens despite you and competitors are on the same page.

A team who focuses heavily on social media strategies has a better bird’s eye view of:-

  • what’s happening online
  • hottest trends in the market
  • customer behaviour
  • competitor behaviour
  • cost-effective marketing campaigns, and
  • market’s perception of your brand

These key points give a big boost to creating stronger and more effective campaigns. Whether be it on generating new leads, selling a new product, special offers to valued clients and many more.

8. New Perspectives

Let’s admit it, we are inclined to make our own excuses when we fail at something. Two reasons for being are our self-biases and failing to see what went wrong when all ideas are limited amongst the team only.

Having a team of experts provides you with a wider and deeper view of what’s happening outside your business circle. Good recommendations are not biased and have strategic approaches to position your business in your industry. Fresh perspectives, regardless of the heightened competition in today’s business world, are useful for the continuity of your operations.

7. Focused online marketing team

Investing in an in-house online marketing team may not be ideal for some businesses. For example, if you are a company providing financial planning services, you’d rather invest more on accounting tools to serve clients better.

Yet, you can’t simply ignore the power of social media. As a matter of fact, a case study revealed that LinkedIn drives the most customers for B2B companies.

Planning to assign an employee to handle marketing tasks?

You can. BUT, have you ever thought how effective he or she will be when juggling tasks that are poles apart? This is why an online marketing team is the wisest option to select because they can focus solely on marketing your services online.

6. Access to more sophisticated tools

The technology today is so advanced that you can find many tools to schedule your post, create reports about the statistics of market behaviour, research latest trends etc. They can all happen in just a few clicks.

graphs and tables

Adapting to technological changes is essential to increase productivity and efficiency of your operations. However, doing so may be costly because of these 3 key considerations:-

  1. Acquisition of new equipment
  2. Software installation
  3. Hiring and/or training people

Outsourcing marketing tasks becomes more efficient because the team is well-trained to use these state-of-the-art tools for internet marketing. Moreover, they can integrate tools for marketing with yours, if necessary, for campaign building.

5. Extensive research about the market

Many businesses use online forms and questionnaires to conduct surveys. However, not all can focus on this task because it can be time-consuming for them.

This is when analytics tools, like Google Analytics, play an important role in market research.

Analytics tools allow users to understand the psychological behaviour. For example, Hashtagify is a free online tool which gives you  These tools also let you discover about your competitors more than what you have at hand. You can only imagine the power of existing online tools to your business.

The advanced tools used by an outsourced internet marketing team give you results based on statistics and data gathered. There’s no need to go through numerous reports because they are auto-generated. These easy-to-understand reports let you see what exactly you need to know.

4. Increased Productivity, Less Stress

Considering yourself a jack of all trades?

Well, you are not alone. Most business owners, especially small business owners, are likely to be jacks of all trades. If something goes wrong, you even absorb all the problems and stress.

Internet marketing is such a time-consuming task. Imagine that you posted a promotional banner to your social media accounts and found a misspelt word in it. You may take it down but those who have seen it may have already commented about this mishap. This is when things get more complicated – how to handle such a disaster.

Having a trusted team to back you up frees you to focus on major business goals. Your employees can focus on their respective roles too. When everything is running efficiently, productivity will surely increase.

3. Maintenance And Long-Term Functions

It takes so much time to fully understand the functionalities of internet tools for marketing. But most business owners would rather spend time on core business goals. Their busy schedule often limits them to just reviewing results. This is when delegation to experts comes in.

It isn’t ideal to hire another employee if there’s only a one-time task to be done monthly. But this task plays a crucial role to your business. A good example is making sure all pages (eg. product and contact pages) are working. A single website error can bring losses to your financial statements.

In essence, there are many internet marketing agencies offering monthly maintenance at competitive prices. Make sure that you are partnering with a results-driven team to measure how far your business prospers.

2. Expansion Opportunities

Having a deeper understanding of the market allows you to become more innovative. This is the ripple effect when you outsource internet marketing tasks. You open up opportunities at the least possible cost but high in results.

With that being said, it leads you to the top reason below…

1. Cost-Effective: Great Value

The most common reason small businesses turn to outsourcing is to save money from in-house marketing costs. Most outsourcing services are fixed price so you will also benefit from the predictable expenses. This can help you manage your business expenses and budget more efficiently. You can’t put a price on value, but outsourcing certainly can add value in so many ways for your business.


Considering hiring an online marketing team?

We’ve already mentioned all reasons why you need to consider outsourcing online marketing tasks. It’s time for you to look at our online marketing team and their areas of expertise.

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