As a business owner – think smartly about how you use your time. If tasks you are doing day to day can easily be handled by others – ask “Why am I doing this”. Your time is limited and precious, so you have to start to delegate and concentrate on the things that matter to grow your business.


Yes! Virtual assistants can help you go from overwhelmed to organised

But before you hire a virtual assistant, ask yourself first:

  • Why am I doing this? – could you delegate?
  • Is there a smarter way? – but you don’t have time to change!
  • How can this task be done cheaper? – have you considered outsourcing?
  • How can I get more business? – is your website active?
  • Am I converting leads? – do you have a sales strategy?
  • Why is there so much paperwork? – can you bring this online?
  • Do I have too many emails? – let’s manage your inbox?
  • What would happen if I took ill? – are your processes documented?


Staying ahead in small business is getting increasingly harder and more demanding than ever. The changing face of technology has added layers of complexity for business owners that each require specialist skills. For example, just advertising in the Yellow pages doesn’t rate anymore, you are facing an era of social media marketing with its ever changing framework, new rules and more investment required to get ranked. Tax laws are forever changing, employee and contractor rights are placing more responsibilities on small business and the cost of compliance is getting higher. The sad news is that a large percentage of small businesses fail in the first year alone.

One reason is the “Super Hero” syndrome – where business owners think they can do it all. They haven’t got the time to explain tasks – so just do everything themselves, thinking one day they will get over the initial hurdle and things will get easier. But sadly, it just gets harder, and that’s why we emphasise certain elements must be in place for survival.

Based on our experience over the last 30 years the small business services we recommend are:

  • Narrow down your market into specific niches, don’t be a jack of all markets
  • Don’t major in the minor tasks
  • Document repetitive processes, don’t reinvent each time
  • Use standard templates for emails, tasks and processes
  • Delegate internal activities (non core) that others can easily do
  • Concentrate on strategic (core) activities that grow your business
  • Don’t overlook online marketing- it operates 24 hours a day to a mass market
  • Consider outsourcing to a virtual assistant, to free up your time and save you money
  • Have a backup team, to cover for you on holidays and sickness

BMG can offer you support in all of the above, for a regular role or a task by task basis or for your own virtual assistant services. We have supported businesses with accounting, bookkeeping, finance, online marketing, investments and offshore teams. We have teams of staff in the Philippines ready to help, with proven processes that we can roll out quickly to get you started. We support you every step of the way, with transparent pricing, templates to gather essential information for your systems- whether it be bookkeeping, blogs, campaigns etc. We have hundreds of one-pager guides across all aspects of business to keep you on track with what you need to do – under the latest requirements.

Why not start small, our outsourcing model works for single tasks and individual roles – we help you create the processes, your staff will work under your supervision with our support structures in the Philippines and Australia.

We recommend every small business should have a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines that can do the day to day activities, and when you are comfortable, filter off more work so you get to do what you should be doing to grow your business. So call us now, and join the hundreds that are using outsourcing to stay in business and get ahead.

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Running around all day trying to stop all the spinning plates from falling down?

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  • Things you hate doing?
  • Things as a business owner you shouldn’t be doing?
  • Things you can’t do well but waste time doing ie graphic design