BMG Outsourcing – AUSkey Changes on 31 Mar 2020

There have been concerns raised regarding the identification methods required to provide access by offshore team members to RAM and myGoviD.

Question: How proposed changes to AUSkey affect your remote team member accessing the Tax Portal and government online services?

Answer: AUSkey will be decommissioned on 31 March 2020 and from 1 April, myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) will replace AUSkey. This initiative is designed to provide a secure way to access government online services.

After finally tracking down and speaking with the RAM ( Relationship Authorisation Manager ) design team, they are confident that this should not be a concern for offshore teams that already have access via AUSKey. The RAM development testing phase is currently underway. They state that those previously having offshore access via AUSkey should be given access to the RAM.

“You can use myGovID and RAM to access the Business Portal, Access Manager and the Australian Business Register (ABR), and additional services will be added in the future.” Source: Australian Taxation Office Official Website

As more information is made available, we will update our clients. But at this stage, we are told not to be concerned. 


Angela Beale, 20 Nov 2019