systEmise Team Jets Off to the Land Down Under!

In an effort to further improve client relationships, two of our systEmise managers headed to the Land Down Under. It was truly one of the most unforgettable overseas trips Tony and Anne have taken.

Read more about their wonderful “first time”  Aussie experience

According to Anne, the feeling of going to Australia was a real thrill, but it took a while to sink in. “To be honest with you, when Angie told me last July that I would be going to Australia, the excitement did not sink in until the moment I was packing my luggage.” Tony, however, was a bit more apprehensive of what to expect on the trip and the thought of boarding a plane for the first time.

It’s was the first trip to Australia for both Anne and Tony and travelling for a month takes some preparation. It was both nerve wrecking and mind-blowing, considering what needed to arranged for such a trip. So before take-off Tony made sure he had all his necessities packed, to avoid going overboard on his luggage. On the other hand Anne was all about “The clothes, the outfits!” as she chuckled with excitement. “I knew that Spring could still be cold so I had to buy some thick jackets.” Come on, it’s a trip! So it’s best to be prepared.

“My wife, is this going to be ok with her?” was the first thought that came into Tony’s head. The thought of being away from your family for a month is quite an ordeal. But in Anne’s case, she was mostly excited and her first thought was, “Bedroom! I wondered the which room I will be sleeping in for a month.” Although enthusiastic, expectations begin creeping in. Just like anybody traveling to a western country that requires English proficiency to communicate, This was Tony’s primary concern aside from the temperature and weather in Australia. While Anne was less worried about the cold, she was looking forward to meeting the clients and Angie’s family.

As days got closer and hours turn to minutes, it is time, touchdown! Anne’s first thoughts upon arriving are how hungry she is feeling and how tiring the flight was. While Tony’s first plane experience seems to have been uncomfortable because of the turbulence that badly affected his ears. But, on the bright side, it’s going to be a new environment for the next few weeks.


Arriving in Australia

“I took a shower, ate and slept” Anne described the first three things she did the moment they settled in Angie’s home. Tony was hoping to catch up on some sleep, because of the long flight.

During their first few days in OZ, Tony and Anne got everything mapped out. So, aside from business, why not discover the beauty as well? Anne, is keen on nailing her top five must-dos in Australia they are 1.) Meet with the Clients, 2.) Organize our systems, 3.) Visit the Opera House, 4.) See a Kangaroo 5.) Shopping. Tony, on the other hand, is keen to explore by shopping, strolling, visiting Melbourne and Tasmania, meeting the locals and trying out the food.

Speaking of food, Australia is a home to various delicacies that shouldn’t be missed. Yes, that includes Vegemite but according to Anne, just by smelling it she is convinced that it is not for her. Although Tony’s wife seems to have enjoyed this famous Australian food spread.

Australia is one place where you can hear a distinct accent, some people however, mistake it for an English accent. During the team’s one month stay they were able to learn some few Australian words and phrases, Nothing outrageous… “Far Out” which means “Oh no.” Anne said. Tony has a few words to share as well, “Mate” which means buddy and “Crack” which means to have a go.

But if they were gushing over one part of the trip, it is when they visited Hobart in Tasmania. According to Anne, Hobart is a lovely, peaceful city. Although, busy juggling sightseeing, business and meeting people in Australia, all in all it was an extraordinary experience. “I think I have told Angie about this whenever she asks…working with Aussie people and meeting them was such an incredible experience. They are very friendly, approachable and will always give a helping hand.” said Anne, describing the people she worked with in Australia. While Tony found it a little more challenging to speak English without the Filipino accent.

“Unforgettable,” said Anne, “Marvelous” according to Tony when describing the the trip. It was a great opportunity worth remembering and it has been inspiring to be able to share their adventures. Anne and Tony have some useful information for other employees that may be planning or who get the chance to travel to the Land Down Under. According to Anne it is best to take note of routines cooking, laundry, etc. Tony’s advice is to make sure you have some extra money, baby wipes, a map and be prepared to see clients.

This trip that was an extraordinary experience for the systEmise team and for Tony & Anne to be able to see the Australia for the first time. It was a well- rounded business trip,  which included, getting to know and spend time with Angie’s family, personally meeting the clients and exploring a couple of different cities. Not only did the travel develop good client relationships but it also connected the two teams from the Philippines and Australia. Cheers!