systEmise Team’s on the Road to Growth: An Escapade to Remember!

The road to success can be tedious and stressful, but the learning and adventure continues. In order for systEmise to provide the utmost care and service that clients truly deserve, they take their adventures to the land down under.

Back in September 2014, the systEmise management team had their own taste of the Australian experience. This year, it was the online marketing team’s time to shine. The team composed of Chariz, Sheila, and Ralp, flew off to acquire mastery of their craft. The goal was to have a good feel of how it is in the land where our clients reside. However, what did the team feel when they found out about the trip?

“I felt so blessed! It was my first time travelling to another country and knowing that it was going to be Australia, I could also get to see my relatives there and kangaroos and koala’s!!!!” – Chariz

“It was a surprise for me actually. It was my first time to fly in an airplane and to visit another country so it was very exciting for me. At the same time, I felt blessed and grateful for the opportunity I’d been given.” – Sheila

“I felt surprised because I wasn’t expecting it, and happy because it would be my first time to go there.” – Ralp

Well, aren’t they an enthusiastic bunch? Of course, it’s impossible for them not to prepare for this trip. Chariz was quite ready to converse with everyone, “Studied some Aussie slang words.” she said. That’s our angel! Always ahead of the game!

When it comes to journey to the unknown, the most common phrase people would say is “expect the unexpected”. It sounds scary for some but certainly something to look forward to for the rest. How about the team, what did they expect on the trip?

“Meeting our clients and to witness the success of a product launch event in Tasmania. “ – Chariz

“I was looking forward to meeting Aaron Hendrikson and our other clients. I was also excited to go sight-seeing and ride on a plane for the first time.” – Sheila

“Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. “ – Ralp.

Well, I must say Ralp is quite a talker hey!

The fun under the Australian sun

Landing At Australia

systEmise Web Marketing Team Lands in Australia for the first time.

After a long 8 hour flight, the team landed in Sydney for the first time. Of course, who wouldn’t appreciate the stunning view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge? “We went to Woolworths to get some groceries!!” – Chariz. Ah, yes, who wouldn’t miss out on having some fun during munch time? Speaking of munch time, the team was certainly ecstatic about Cadbury Twirls which as they say “We don’t have them in the Philippines”- Chariz.  Sheila, on the other hand says: “I love everything we had there, but I love Angie’s cooking best.” 

The team continued sightseeing through the city which made it more extravagant for them to see different landmarks they only saw on pictures before.It was certainly a breathtaking experience to visit amazing places in Australia. And for sure, the team had a blast.

Amazing Landmarks

Landmarks visited in Australia


Life at the BMG Office


Meeting Chris Rasmussen

Web Marketing Team and systEmise CEO Angie Beale working together with Chris Rasmussen, Director of RiskTeq


Of course, we should not forget the main purpose of the trip. While working together at the office, different clients were set to meet the team.



At the Airport

Web Marketing Team at the Airport to Tasmania


In the efforts to support one of our clients,  Chris Rasmussen, Director of RiskTeq, the team flew to Tasmania to manage the Product Launch for RiskTeq, last 30th March.




The helicopter ride was definitely the most surreal experience in Hobart, Tasmania.

The chopper ride

The team about to take a helicopter ride with Angie Beale and pilot from Rotorlift.

After 3 weeks…

The team was certainly caught by the wonders of Melbourne, Sydney, and Tasmania. There were certainly a lot of things that they missed in their homeland.

“I missed spending time with my Mom, Dad, and Brother. I learned to appreciate them more. haha” – Chariz

“I missed watching my favorite television shows with my mom. It is our usual bonding time at home. I missed the girls’ bonding session with my cousins. And I missed having dates with my boyfriend.” – Sheila

“Just eating Filipino food. “ – Ralp

Like the saying goes, “There’s no better place like home”.

The journey back home.

After their exciting wanderlust and best adventure ever in Australia, the team packed their bags and headed back to the Philippines. Wondering what was the most unforgettable moment for them on their stay? Let’s ask them.

“Firstly, it’s Angie, she’s very hospitable, making sure that we are always comfortable. Secondly, in one day we got to see 3 states! Tasmania, Melbourne, and Sydney!  Third, koala’s, kangaroos, Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the helicopter ride! Too many to mention!!” – Chariz

“I will definitely cherish every minute of that trip.” – Sheila

“Helicopter ride would be on the list, so was going to the Sydney Royal show and watching horses jump and the motorcycle and car show. the ferry rides too, but the top one would be when I went to the  horses at Angie’s home. love the horses.” – Ralp.

There are journeys that end, but the adventure  we have together as a team never ends. This is what teamwork is all about. Sharing the most unforgettable moments together as a team is what systEmise is all about. With this, we share the enthusiasm and care not only for ourselves but for our clients as well. The passion to work hard is what drives us, to provide our clients the high-quality service they deserve.

This is systEmise and this is how we are as part of the BMG Outsourcing family.

systemise online marketing team at the beach

Taking a group selfie at the beach.

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