Looking to establish offshore services for your business? BMG Outsourcing will step you through the process, to combine
process improvement, offshore experience and technology to help your businesses maintain control and
maximise results of your outsourcing teams.


In 2016, BMG relocated  into two new high technology  offices. The recently constructed pavilion 14 building is leased exclusively to BMG, with a quality fit-out designed specifically to cater for the needs of our visiting clients and valued employees. Boasting large conference/training room, spacious dining-room seating 50, bright welcoming reception area, smaller break out meeting rooms, noise minimisation through smaller work zones, breastfeeding area and extensive parking.
Our second location caters for 24 serviced office employees, ultra modern fit out by Australian designers- kitchen, meeting zone, sound barriers and restrooms with extra shared facilities in Pavilion 14.

Within a stroll of the offices, your employees can easily access a world class gym, banks, supermarkets, variety of cafes and fast food outlets and health centre.  To maximise your visits, there is a great new Australian hotel with food and entertainment, conference centre and beautiful parkland.


Get ready for outsourcing program – improvements to your processes
Providing quality offices with quick, reliable technology systems
Hourly-rate services for ad-hoc projects via our in house specialist teams
Time and Attendance monitoring
Regular Feedback on your team’s performance and agreed KPI’s
Managing HR issues, calculate Payroll – leave and benefits
Include your team in our culture, celebrations and beach vacation
Recruiting the best people for the job
Why Staff Choose BMG?


  • BMG culture & reputation
  • Brand new spacious offices
  • Close to leading universities
  • Technology centre location
  • Safe and secure office
  • Attractive marketing team


  • Rewards and recognitions
  • Divisional teams
  • Structured Training programs
  • Career planning
  • Rewards for KPI’s


  • Productivity incentive plans
  • “Think Global Team” Mentorship
  • Respect and value principles
  • Continual improvements
  • Team outings

Why BMG Serviced Office?

  • We understand your outsourcing concerns . Not only are you looking to entrust your Filipino staff member(s) with your business affairs, but you are also committing to the laws, politics and economy of a country you may know little about.
  • BMG provide you with that layer of trust and support. We have invested years delving into the legal processes in the Philippines, setting up the infrastructures and processes to bridge the gaps in culture and legal requirements between the Philippines and Australia

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BMG Outsourcing have proven processes to get you up and running efficiently in our offices with minimum disruption. From your initial enquiry, we guide you through all the steps and talk you though our transparent pricing model. Our founders, John (Chartered Accountant) and Angela (CPA and process systems specialist) share their expertise to ensure a successful, quantifiable outcome. Their level of knowledge together with proven leadership and communication skills, has provided a strong foundation for building sustainable long-term businesses, attracting high calibre employees and becoming the partner of choice with clients who have made the commitment to achieve high goals. Our dynamic entrepreneurial drive and agility to respond to challenges and manage change and processes have been the hallmark of why clients have chosen to work and stay with us.


  • Familiarise yourself with our services on this website
  • Contact us through this website or call 02 9979 5033
  • Specify the role and tasks you require from your staff member
  • Initial Meeting with BMG Outsourcing and feasibility study
  • Receive BMG Proposal, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Agreement
  • Review Draft Employment Contract
  • Review Serviced Office Agreement
  • Pay Recruitment Fee
  • Interview chosen 3 shortlisted Employees
  • Select your staff member
  • Sign Employee Agreement
  • Sign Serviced Office Agreement
  • Your Staff Induction and training
  • Regular reviews and training offered to your team members


We can recruit suitably qualified staff for your business. The cost of the employee will depend on the level of qualifications and skills. Our differentiator is

  • our costs are totally transparent, so no hidden surprises
  • our exit clauses are non-onerous, to offer you and your staff protection
  • our reputation attracts high quality local employees that share our culture


You inform us of the skills you need, we assist you in defining the  job description and we make every effort to match you with the best Filipino candidates. You save time and hassle trying to do this yourselves! Since outsourcing is now widely accepted throughout the world, the demand for quality staff has risen and candidates have more choice and are more selective – but  you can share the goodwill of the BMG reputation for attracting high-quality staff when you recruit through us. BMG have a large recruitment database of potential candidates that we may contact prior to advertising.
BMG recruitment process goes beyond a single advert in the local newspaper. We have acquired the knowledge and have the contacts to extend our coverage to major media and classifieds with nationwide appeal, online job boards, Google ads, trusted contacts through schools, word of mouth, universities, professional organisations and online social networks and forums.
We Filter out applicants without the required skills, qualifications or experience. Shortlisted candidates are contacted for a phone/ Skype interview If they pass the initial screening.
The preferred candidates are pre interviewed by us in our office to sit a skills examination, Australian verbal and written skills- their resumes are reference checked along with security checks.
The qualified candidates, if shortlisted, will be scheduled for a Client interview.
We present the shortlisted 3-5 candidates for a final video call interview via Skype with the client.
We inform the candidate of your decision and arrange the logistics, start date and computer requirements.
We prepare your Serviced Office contract with BMG Outsourcing Inc.
Employment Contract for your review and approval. You will have input into details on the Job description, work schedule, and other information concerning the candidate’s responsibilities. The chosen candidate will then be informed of the first day at work (as per your discretion date) and will be presented with the Employment contract to signature.
We coordinate with our clients to create a Personalised training plan for your recruit depending on their current qualifications and job specification.
Our extensive Knowledge BASE intranet covers a wide range of topics, videos, checklists and templates divided into formal course structures. The Knowledge base is updated daily to reflect changes – especially in Social Media.

Example of courses available include:

  • Bridging cultural gaps (Compulsory)
  • BMG Induction program (Compulsory)
  • Think Global Team” (Compulsory)
  • Project management
  • Process / Job specific courses
  • Quality awareness skills
  • Xero Certification

Our exclusive templates, checklists and one pagers guide your Staff through specific tasks

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our selection or if the candidate chosen by you does not work out during the initial trial period of 3 months, we will provide up to a further 3 candidates to interview. Staff replacement guarantee – if by chance your candidate does not meet your expectations or is unable to continue service, BMG offer a staff guarantee.




1. Price

BMG Outsouring offer total transparency and visibility to all costs

One off

  • Set up fee – on a  sliding scale based on the number of employees you have in our facility


  • Computer, extra  screen, keyboard, mouse, etc  (you provide the computer)
  • Additional (if required) dedicated fixed phone/internet connection
  • Incidental team events, Christmas Party, birthday cake, etc

Monthly fixed price serviced office fee which covers your:

  • Administration. A considerable percentage of this fee contributes towards developing and improving technologies, providing support services and continually improving our infrastructure.
  • Payroll preparation and HR services, to ensure that your teams are paid in accordance with their contract and that they are meeting their work obligations including hours of work, holidays, etc. You will be provided a monthly report indicating any issues with your team member, absent days, sick days, holidays, full account of funds, etc
  • Your recruits wage cost, no markup –  exactly as stated on the employment contract.

2. Security / Data Security

BMG outsourcing is committed to continually refine our security procedures in this fast changing technology landscape, to give you peace of mind that your data exchange and storage is safe.

Not only do we provide physical security, office and location, some of the other security measure we take seriously are:

  • Data Protection : Most of our clients are using Cloud-based systems such as Xero accounting, teamworkPM project management and Google Sites and Docs, and Dropbox. In this instance data is not stored on our in-house systems and worked directly within the cloud.
  • Staff do not take their computers off the premises.
  • Since you own the hardware for your recruit, you have full control setting the restrictions you wish to enforce on your team member.
  • Our in-house IT department work closely with our staff to ensure our networks are monitored and the data service is operating efficiently
  • All payroll records are secured and privacy controls established
  • BMG operates under the Australian Privacy Laws for your protection

3. Location

We are located in Clark, Philippines. Clark Freeport Zone is a redevelopment of the former Clark Air Base, a former United States Air Force base in the Philippines. Clark forms the hub for businesses, high-end IT enabled industries, aviation, logistics and tourism in the Philippines as well as a leisure, fitness, entertainment and the gaming center of Central Luzon.

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