Separating Work from Home: The Perks of having a Serviced Office, Virtual Assistant

Thinking of outsourcing the tasks that you do not particularly like to do? Tasks that you struggle with so you can focus working on your business and not in your business…

Outsourcing today is viewed as an efficient use of technology, that allows most professionals in their respective fields to work from anywhere around the globe. There are a number of factors to consider in order to achieve a successful outsourcing project. Below are some important points that need to be taken into consideration to maximise the opportunities when outsourcing your projects to an office based philippines virtual assistant


  • Right People

Recruiting the right people is an important factor in achieving a successful outsourcing project. Employees can be filtered, monitored and allocated based on their skills and qualifications. Through this process, you can encourage & connect with your employees, building a reliable team offshore.

  • Office Environment

What could be more convenient than having your own office space?  In an office environment, all employees are ready to work in an efficient and productive manner. Each space is equipped with the necessary tools and materials that will help carry out any tasks set by the client. Our office is suitably designed to cater for the day-to-day running of a business, online meetings and presentations as well as being technology ready to connect with customers.


  • High-Speed Internet

BMG Philippines specialises in offshore outsourcing, business processing. It provides high-speed internet access to its employees, this internet access can sustain daily tasks and transactions for clients and to meet deadlines on time. Furthermore, having a high-speed internet encourages increased productivity and task efficiency from employees.


  • Dynamic Team

The BMG Outsourcing team is a dynamic group that produces exceptional results in terms of online and social media marketing, web design, SEO services, accounting and virtual assistant services philippines. The tasks are efficiently monitored through specialised software to track the productivity of each employee. This helps clients to quickly identify, review and check the delegated tasks of their assigned virtual assistants. Processes are individually tailored to a client’s business to meet and comply to its privacy and system requirements.