Questions You Must Ask When Choosing Your Accounting Outsourcing Provider?

As one of the first pioneers of Australian Accounting Outsourcing we have developed a list of questions that we believe you should ask your potential outsourcing provider .  BMG Outsourcing began the journey many years ago and have developed our strategy, tried various options, made mistakes and now successfully operate a Business Outsourcing Company in the Philippines. The benefits of Outsourcing are not only financial, but  can offer you process improvement, free up your time to concentrate on value-added tasks for your clients and many more. To get you started in selecting a high quality Outsourcing Services Provider (OSP), here are the following key questions we believe  you should be asking your OSP.

About the company

  • How long have you been offering outsourcing services to Accountants in Australia to the Philippines?
  • How long have you been operating as Accountants in Australia?
  • How many staff do you have in the Philippines? In Australia?
  • Do you have any reference sites I can contact?
  • Who owns the OSP I am dealing with – is it an Australian?
  • Is the OSP doing the work Registered Tax Agent in Australia?
  • Does an Australian registered tax agent review the work onsite before it is returned to me?
  • Does anyone in the OSP hold an Australian Certificate of Public Practice (CPP?).
  • Does the OSP have Australian PII (Public Indemnity Insurance)  under an Australian approved scheme?
  • What other Australian accounting bodies in which the OSP is a member of e.g. CA, CPA, SPAA, NTAA?

About the staff

  • Do you have any staff that hold professional Australian accounting qualifications (i.e. Australian CA’s CPA’s)
  • How many staff do you have; how many members of your staff have connections with Australia i.e.  Australian citizens/permanent residents, and studied or worked there?
  • How do you train your staff in Australian accounting/tax?
  • How do you keep your staff up to date with the latest Australian accounting and tax legislation?

Software experience

  • Are you experienced in the software tools that are using ( ie Xero, MYOB, HandiSoft)
  • Are you certified Xero Partners
  • How do I transfer data and communicate with you

About the work

  • What process do I follow to outsource my work to you?
  • How do I determine what tasks to outsource?
  • Do you offer on-site evaluation of my systems to help me improve my processes for a successful outcome
  • What work am I best to outsource?
  • Do you give a free trial?
  • Are there any fixed fees or commitments?
  • What are your prices and why are you different to your competitors?
  • How much work can I send?
  • What are the turnaround times on the work I send?
  • What other services can your OSP provide me? ie Marketing, Administration, Web design?


  • Physical Security. Do you share your office with anyone else apart from those doing the outsourcing work? Do you do anything else but Australian accounting i.e. websites, software etc?
  • IT Security. Tell me about your IT security. Do your accountants have full control of confidential data at all points in time? Do you have an external IT support or any other external resources?

BMG Outsourcing is the market leader in the provision of outsourced accounting services. We are proudly Australian owned and managed. Please contact us for more information about how we can assist your operations.