Outsourcing Staff: The Next Big Thing for Your Business

Outsourced accountants in the Philippines

Outsourcing staff can either help you achieve long-term goals or be a roadblock for your business when objectives are not clear.

Clarity on your business objectives is the most important thing to identify before outsourcing. This gives you ease in finding the right outsourcing partner because you can compare their services to your goals.

But choosing an outsourcing service provider requires extensive effort to become effective.

This article walks you through the SMART factors to consider when finding your outsourcing partner.

Understanding of your business objectives when outsourcing staff

Factors to consider when finding the right outsourcing service provider


Assess if you need short-term or long-term outsourced staff.

Short-term outsourced staff, or hourly-based staff, is ideal for time-based projects. For example, admin tasks can be done on a 10 hours-per-week basis.

A full-time staff works best if you need people who will be an integral part of your business process, or if you are planning to build a team.

To identify this, list down the job responsibilities you can delegate and keep.

Management structure

In many instances, business owners move to a different service provider because of unresolved management issues or disputes.

Consider reviewing the management structure of the service provider. Take a look at the point of contact for certain concerns you may have. More importantly, understand how it can help you transition smoothly and help you improve processes.

The management should also allow your outsourced staff to voice out concerns with confidence and confidentiality.

Application of structured transition

A structured transition to outsourcing indicates a good relationship between the client and the outsourcing service provider. This outlines how parties can work together through challenges.

Many businesses fall short in the assumption that outsourcing is a process-centric business. In reality, it is people-centric when it involves employee morale, retention, and cultural evolution to make the process work.

Outsource the right person for your business

Reliable support

Support is not confined to technology systems. It includes programs to bridge any gap between the client and the outsourced staff.

Examples of support an outsourcing provider can provide are:

  • Onboarding program
  • Training and seminars
  • Company gatherings
  • Staff evaluation
  • HR support


Transparency means open communication between the client and the service provider. It should be at the core of any outsourcing relationship.

It is challenging to have transparency if the service provider follows a complex process when raising concerns or resolving issues.

Ask your outsourcing partner how they:

  • structure fees
  • involve clients in the selection process of their outsourced staff
  • manage and guide staff in meeting their KPIs
  • provide benefits to the staff

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