Outsourcing In The Philippines Best Solution: Hire A Managed Team

Have you just blown your dough to outsourcing in the Philippines but dissatisfied with the results?

If yes, you are not alone. The truth is it happens to some businesses that rush into getting tasks done. They outsource staff to solve problems but end up paying money for a substandard output.

Outsourcing may not be one of your considerations anymore at this point. Here are other unpleasant realities that happen:

  1. Short term contract staff
    • Be aware when searching for a staff online such as Upwork( formerly oDesk). You may not be aware that a contractor could be an agency that outsources work to someone else. In other cases, they might be working on multiple projects that they prioritise. Think twice before considering this option. You may get a successful result, but, is this a short-sighted way of running your business?
  2. Working from home
    • If you are paying for an hourly or a fixed rate, can you ensure your deadlines are met within your budget? How can you ensure the reliability of their internet access? More importantly, can your staff finish the project if he found a better offer or a full-time position?
  3. Security and stability
    • There are those who work for security and stability because they support their family. But, if someone offers them more, why would they prioritise your work?

These certainly aren’t what you wanted. Is there any solution for this? Well, we seriously believe there is.


Hire A Managed Team

BMG in the Philippines

What’s the difference?

Well, here are the benefits of outsourcing a managed team:

  1. Most businesses still consider outsourcing back office tasks
    • Back office tasks such as bookkeeping, administration, marketing, payroll, and lead generation are some of the most common outsourced services. A managed team lessens your burden of juggling tasks. At the same time, it sets you free from worries if the staff’s time you pay for is spent well.
  2. Improve Workflow management
    • A managed team will invest in continuous education in their respective expertise so they provide high-quality outputs. It takes your business to a new level of professionalism and remove the burden of becoming a master of all trades.
  3. Time management
    • Have you considered outsourcing as a “strategy” to meet your goals at a specific amount of time? There are tasks from your strategy list that require the expertise of someone else. For instance, online marketing is something you can learn but it takes a lot of time to do so. Whereas having a team of experts can do the task for you in a lesser time frame.
  4. Take advantage from their own model
    • A managed team has its own model to provide for the ever-changing needs of their clients. It is certain for them to make sure that the model is competent to help clients achieve their goals. Outsourcing companies have different models to do so. As a business, you need to ensure transparency between you and your chosen outsourcing company. The long-term outcome of their model must provide you more benefits than expected.


Why is BMG so confident of their model?

Our model is one of being large enough to cope yet small enough to care. If we partner your company, you will benefit from the substantial investment we have made in training our staff, setting procedures, checklists, questionnaires and workflow strategies – that add significant value to your overall investment. Remember if you always do what you’ve always done – you will always get what you’ve always got, so let’s do it better each time” – Angela Beale


“Our three years experience in the Philippines ensures we understand the culture, legal and statutory requirements to provide you with a boutique and personalised service.” – John Beale

BMG Outsourcing has the same vision for you and our staff. We hire Filipino staff for long term commitments because we recognise these issues. Specialising in accounting work and online marketing, we ensure that both our clients and the staff are equally satisfied with the company.

BMG OutsourcingWe offer a well-managed office facility for our staff in the Philippines. This removes the burden of micromanaging employees. You can sit back and do what you need to do as a business owner.

Click on this link to take a look at our recent work for a mid sized client, who needed an online product launch strategy – website, social media campaigns, sales collateral, videos  – as we say the whole kit and kaboodle.

Take action – NOW!

We make sure that your eyes are open to the realities of outsourcing in the Philippines. If you’re wishing to know more, talk to us today at info@beale.net.au. Let’s discuss how we can help you with our accounting and online marketing needs.

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