Full time: Data Analyst and Researcher.


GeoSnapShot.com is one of the hottest startups in Australia, growing and servicing Photographers & Events from all around Australia and the World. As we grow we’re now looking for an experienced Data Entry person with strong computer and Internet Research skills to join the team.

This data analyst/data entry/Internet Research role is an important role to our business and key to assisting the Sales Team with accurate information about photographers and events around the World. You’ll join an existing (and growing) team in the Philippines but be working Full-time and Communicate via skype and email with the GeoSnapShot Team in Sydney, Australia

Required Skills / Abilities

  • High Level of Attention for Detail
  • A person interested in & passionate about: data and data entry.
  • Required Computer Skills:
    • Medium-High Level Skill: Microsoft Excel/ Google Spreadsheet [DATA ENTRY accuracy]
    • Medium – High level General Computer Skills: Experience using Web/Internet Browser based Software, CRM’s, PDF’s, and other Microsoft, Apple or Google Products
    • Medium-High Level/Speed & Accuracy of Typing/Data Entry
    • Medium-High Level Internet Research Skills: Googling, Reviewing Event and Sporting Websites for Calendars.
  • High level of written and spoken English:
    • Can effectively communicate in writing; including accurate spelling, proper grammar, punctuation, and correct vocabulary
    • Accurate Data Entry
    • Can Communicate verbally in GeoSnapshot Internal Team Meetings via Skype/Google Hangouts
    • Can understand and follow verbal and written/emailed instructions provided by Management
  • A person capable of successfully working mostly alone with limited supervision

Desired skills / The Interest to Learn

  • Microsoft Excel/Google Spreadsheet – previous experience /interest to learn how to analyze raw Sales and Analytics data to create basic Excel reports and graphs. (For e.g. Data Sorting, data filtering and use of Excel Algorithm.)
  • Previous experience/interest to learn LinkedIn Research, Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • An interest in events and/or photography

Your role

  • Once initial training is complete you will be expected to quickly become self-reliant and operate by yourself for most of your workweek – productively completing your given tasks and regular duties
  • Most of your work will comprise:
    • Research Internet Websites: Search Google and other sources to find Events and Photographers, Then Read and Review Event and Photographer Websites
    • Identify suitable Events & Photographers from these Websites to record
    • Data Entry: Enter the correct information/numbers/words into Excel and other data entry areas.
  • From time to time, additional analysing, modification and sorting of Excel spreadsheets may be required.
    • There is room to grow in this “data analysis and reporting role” if you display suitable experience, interest and ability
  • While you will report to the GeoSnapShot Team in Australia, management and additional support will be provided in the Philippines

Job Perks

  • Be part of an amazing, highly energized Australian startup business.
  • Work from a great office location in the Philippines
  • Working core hours with flexible start and end times.
  • Full training provided.


Apply If:

  • You have the Required Skills:
    • Strong English written and verbal communication/
    • A high interest and ability for Accurate Data Entry and Internet Research/
  • You like the sound of GeoSnapShot, our mission and this Data Entry / Internet Research role

All resumes should be submitted to Myla Paduit myla@geosnapshot.com. You may choose to submit a video or audio file as part of your resume as well.