Elmira Gains First Hand Experience – Outsourcing and Company Culture


Elmira has experienced her first taste of Australia to learn the cultural way of life that the Aussies take for granted.

BMG Outsourcing believe that for outsourcing to be a success, it is imperative that the key managers from both Australia and the Philippines travel to learn first hand the way businesses operate, and learn the outsourcing company culture.

Meeting the clients in their own environment has been important to the business relationship.

“In every business personalities and culture play a big part. Every business must develop a business culture that promotes  understanding, empathy and awareness.  We work hard at BMG Outsourcing to ensure that our clients are our key focus and that our communication is open and honest. Meeting our clients in Australia has been a rewarding experience for all of us”. I have had a busy but a beneficial visit to Australia and  I look forward  to making this a recurring event. ~Elmira Carell