ICCA Hybrid Online Workshop: Risks and Rewards of Outsourcing

Wondering why outsourcing  is one of the hottest topics recently? Why many companies take the risks and relish the unexpected rewards they achieve from this controversial business strategy called outsourcing?

To enlighten more companies and professionals  on the risks and rewards of outsourcing, ICCA World will host a two-hour Live Online Hybrid Workshop on 4th of July 2014, Friday, from 08.30-10.30 (CEST) in Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. So if we convert this in Australian Eastern Standard time that will be 4:30pm to 6:30pm (AEST). (At the specified time, local time in Sydney is 8 hours ahead of Amsterdam (http://www.timeanddate.com/)

The Hybrid Workshop will discuss and share to the world the various forms of  outsourcing that are being used by associations to streamline their management processes ( WHAT are the risks and rewards and find out HOW they do it), understand what are the important things you must consider (WHAT are the practical and ethical issues involved) and “as well as some very important implications for how destinations and suppliers market themselves and their services (to whom).”  said by Martin Sirk, workshop moderator and CEO of ICCA.

Watch this personal invitation from Martin Sirk, CEO of ICCA

Martin Sirk

“During the hybrid session, ICCA member suppliers and associations will discuss issues such as: Which services make most sense to outsource? Who should control delegate revenue? Who should carry risks? Who should destination marketers must try to influence – the associations or their outsourced partners? How can local suppliers best promote their services when associations are using outsourced partners? How does Congress decision-making change when outsourced partners are involved?” (http://www.internationalmeetingsreview.com/)

According to Sirk, they hosted a very successful Hybrid Session last year and they got an overwhelming feedback! “Last year we ran our first Hybrid Session at the RSMP on bidding for international association meetings, for a live audience of 160 ICCA members and we ended up with an online audience of more than 600 people from 75 countries. That really blew us away and we had fantastic feedback. So we decided we would introduce a Hybrid Session in every year’s RSMP program and pick a really hot topic that would be relevant to the international association sector and to our members around the world.”

To join Hybrid Online Workshop, you can simply register online, “Joining online is easy, free and fun! Just return to this website http://hybrid.iccaworld.com/ at July 4. Check the programme and don’t forget to leave your name and email address and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #ICCAworld. The workshop will be broadcasted live from our Research, Sales and Marketing Programme taking place in Amsterdam. ” -ICCA Hybrid crew.

If you attend the session, email admin@systemise.com.au and let us know your thoughts about outsourcing. Learn how BMG Outsourcing www.bmgoutsourcing.com.au can help your business. We have assisted many Australian Companies grow by realising the multitude of benefits that outsourcing their non-core processes can provide.

Enjoy the session. We will be eagerly watching it too. So see you there ?

For more information, visit http://hybrid.iccaworld.com/  

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