10 Ways On How To Use LinkedIn Effectively For Job Search

LinkedIn is one of your most powerful tools to connect with different companies worldwide. It’s a social media platform where recruiters find the best candidate to fill in vacancies. If you’re seeing the bigger picture, you should now be considering on how to use LinkedIn effectively for job search.

Like other social media sites, the exchanges of thoughts are more professional. Mastering several tips and tricks to tweak your LinkedIn profile can help you boost your chances of getting noticed. Let’s get started on crafting your resume to start selling your skills and accomplishments.


1. Customised Professional URL

It is recommended that your URL should be neat and direct. You must put your name, or the your company name, rather than those numbers and letters on your address box.

Here are examples:

You can start customising your LinkedIn URL by clicking Edit Profile on the grey top bar. It will show your basic information. At the bottom of your Profile Photo, you’ll see your public profile URL. Click the “Edit” next to the URL and start customising your address. When you’re done click “Set Custom URL”.


2. Impressive approach

Creating a brief but direct statement in the summary section of your profile will enable your target audience to know what’s on your mind. It is also important to keep in mind that your message should be in line with your expertise and professional experiences as this will serve as the basic description of your style and personality.

Keep in mind that job hunters also base your skills through your posts. They are given an impression that you are knowledgeable to your industry.


3. Upload your best photo

All social media outlets require users to upload their profile picture because nobody wants to connect to anyone using a default grey avatar. Through this feature, you will be easily recognised and connected to the people you had worked with and seen before. Unlike any other social media, your profile photo in LinkedIn should always look neat and professional since it is a place mostly for business oriented people. Nobody will notice a ridiculously looking photo aiming for a spot in the corporate world.


4. Showcase your samples

LinkedIn enables its users to add their work samples. In your LinkedIn profile, you can add different forms of media such as videos, images, documents and presentations. This is a good opportunity to entice your audience about your skills and expertise. To start learning about adding, editing, moving, or removing your work samples on your profile click here and be guided through all the details.


5. Your profile is like your resume with a personal touch

Your LinkedIn profile is what connects you to different recruiters. That’s why it’s the perfect platform to flaunt all your accomplishments. Make sure all the sections of your profile are filled out describing all your skills, responsibilities and training.


6.  Don’t forget to include your past and present job entry

Listing down your complete job history plays an important role in being noticed by recruiters all over the globe. Forgetting to include your current job position even if you are unemployed can minimise your chance of being stumbled upon by a recruiter. If you are currently unemployed, you can fill out the job title with the profession, you’re aiming for and stating the phrases “Seeking New Opportunity” in the company box.


7.  Become part of a group

LinkedIn gives you the chance to interact with other professionals engaged in the same interest or industry. Here you can post your views, share content and exchange ideas. This is also a good opportunity to establish business contacts and be informed of the latest news in your field.


8. Keep all contact details updated and active

How can a job recruiter contact you if you don’t provide any contact details? One of the most important parts you must fill out in your profile is your email address. This information will enable recruiters or other professional to connect with you.


9. Promote your blog/website

If you are maintaining your own blog, website or other social media site you can include them in your profile. You can take advantage of this feature to enable other users to find you quickly. You can do this by clicking the pencil icon beside the “Websites” links and select “Other” in the drop-down menu.


10.  Be creative and specific

LinkedIn is your resume’s presence online displayed to countless recruiters in search for skilled and high-achieving individuals that can fill certain positions. Choosing common adjectives such as creative, patience, responsible, flexible and independent can decrease your chances of being noticed. Why? Aside from these words have been long overused on resumes, they don’t describe your capabilities and achievements very well.

Start drafting your resumes now and be noticed.

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