How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for job search (Part 2)

Optimise your LinkedIn profile to attract hiring managers

In the first part of our LinkedIn job search series, we have discussed how to setup your LinkedIn profile to make it stand out. On the next part, we will walk you through important tips to build your presence and reputation on LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn profile will only be as impressive as it appears if you do not engage in meaningful conversations with your connections. Beyond the accomplishments, hiring managers may assess how your interests match their values and how you interact with your connections. This assessment gives them a glimpse of your character.

You may consider your LinkedIn profile as your personal branding. How you behave in this platform reveals who you are and what you can bring to the table.

Ways to improve your reputation on LinkedIn

  1. Include a portfolio and/or certification

It is not enough to include all your job experiences on your resume. You need to prove that you are equipped to handle job responsibilities at hand.

If you are working in creative/tech industries such as graphic designing, content writing, and website development, hiring managers will be interested to look at your portfolio to assess your creative skills.

Craft your portfolio and highlights your skills

But if a portfolio is not applicable to your area of expertise – accounting, SEO, and bookkeeping as examples – your certification is a great way to showcase your industry knowledge.

What if I don’t have a portfolio or any certification?

This is not only pertaining to fresh graduates. Professions such as administrative support may not have any of these because of the work nature. For such cases, a cover letter may back up your resume as it explains how your skills relate to the job responsibilities and qualifications.

  1. Spark engagement

Whether be it on sharing posts, publishing own articles, giving constructive comments, and reacting to posts, initiating engagement makes you more visible to more professionals. Providing insights on your expertise builds up your personal branding – giving more confidence to hiring managers that you have an industry knowledge.

TIP: Joining LinkedIn groups that share similar interests strengthens your reputation and perspective.

  1. Reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn

This strategy works best if you share mutual connections – a former work colleague, a client, or a previous immediate supervisor – with a recruiter. Otherwise, other common grounds such as your interests or groups you’ve joined may also work.

There are different situations when reaching out to a recruiter. And there is a right approach to each situation. Keep in mind to be professional at all times. Be cautious not to sound demanding with your message.

Here are some samples you may tweak accordingly:

If you are a fresh graduate

Dear Ana Smith,

I understand that you are probably busy, so I will keep this brief. I’m a recent business management graduate and I am looking for my first full-time role. I have a profound respect for your company’s mission and would be very happy to put my skills to use if there is an opportunity to work with you.

May I ask if there are work opportunities available for my skill set and experience level? I see that there is no positions posted at the moment, but thought it would be worth reaching out in case a job opportunity comes up in the near future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



If you are eligible for the job role

Dear John Smith,

Please excuse my reaching out. I’ve seen that you are hiring for an accounting role. However, my resume is not an exact match for the job requirements. I have a 5-year experience as an accountant but has limited background in Australian accounting.

Would you still advise me to push through with my application? I understand how crucial your requirements are. But I thought of reaching out as there might be a chance to qualify for the said post. Any insights you may provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


What is the right approach to each situation when reaching out to recruiters
What is the right approach to each situation when reaching out to recruiters

If you have clarifications with the job advertisement

Dear Ana,

I wonder if you might be able to assist. I saw your job post on LinkedIn for a Web Developer. I thought you might be the best person to ask regarding my concern about the position.

Is there a chance to have a work from home setup for this role? For context, I am currently residing in Visayas area.

Thank you for your time in answering my query.

Best regards,

John Smith

  1. Connect yourself to job opportunities

As mentioned on the first part, growing your connections makes you more visible to recruiters. Aside from utilising the job search function, here are other ways to connect yourself to job opportunities:

  • Follow company pages
  • Follow related hashtags such as #opentowork and #careers to be updated with job-related posts (here is a guide on how to manage the hashtags you follow)
  • Join groups that are related to career opportunities

Stay tuned for the last part of our LinkedIn job search series.