Converting Uncertainty to Certainty: How BMG Outsourcing goes forward during the pandemic

It’s been months since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate around the world. For many BPO companies, new remote work arrangements have presented new challenges on how to deliver obligations to their clientele. Some of these challenges are reliable internet access at home, equipment transfers, and clearance requirements.

Uncertainty is more certain in our current situation. Unfortunately, it caused many professionals to be laid off due to the declining demand for company projects. The pandemic makes it more challenging for everyone to go forward.

How BMG Outsourcing is affected during the quarantine and lockdown

When the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) status was first imposed in Luzon, BPO companies were given the option of setting up a work-at-home structure and to operate while following strict quarantine measures such as skeleton workforce, providing staff a temporary accommodation, and social distancing. BMG Outsourcing is among the BPO companies that implemented a work-at-home setup for employees. Work policies for this setup are applied to ensure that quality of work, data security, and overall team performance are monitored.

Deployment of equipment to staff is only one of the many challenges BMG Outsourcing, like other companies, has to address. Adding to the challenges are the different checkpoint policies in areas where staff live. This made it almost impossible for the admin to set up equipment at employees’ respective homes. This is when the resourcefulness of BMG’s IT team plays a big role to make sure that equipment is delivered on time and assisting the staff to assemble this properly at home. Cooperation among employees makes the deployment task easier.

How the pandemic changed BMG Outsourcing

The work-at-home arrangement is only one of the many changes that occurred during the lockdown period. Becoming transparent has been more important than ever to turn uncertainty into assurance. This is always the best way to resolve the issues quickly; to go forward with openness and confidence.

This transparency requires clear communication among staff – and this is what BMG Outsourcing is doing even before the lockdown happened. For instance, the staff are made aware of the contact persons for particular concerns and how to effectively communicate with them. Gentle reminders about health and safety, work-at-home policies, and company-wide announcements are done weekly for both clients and staff. Technologies used within the company are also maximised according to their purposes.

The social distancing norm brings us closer as the management takes an initiative to reach out to employees if they have concerns while adjusting to the new work arrangement. It always pays to listen to these concerns as they are crucial in progress and growth.

During these trying times, BMG Outsourcing and its affiliates have gone an extra mile in providing all manners of assistance to our clients and staff by ensuring them that we are more than just a company of services, but a team who will go forward with them in the ever-changing phases of the New Normal.