BMG help you establish your own office in the Philippines


BMG Outsourcing has helped clients all over the world set up their office, obtain all the necessary licenses and registrations, to set up their company. In addition we have recruited the employees and found suitable office space. Over the years we have become experts at the process, which is very time-consuming and often frustrating.

 Why set up an office ?

The Philippines has become an outsourcing centre for BPO businesses, with many of the major call centres and foreign companies relocating from India and other parts of the world . The combination of the excellent English speaking skills of the local workers and high level of education, the advanced technology infrastructure and the relatively low wages are a compelling attraction. Many companies have started with our Serviced Office / Recruitment services, but have grown to a size that can justify setting up their own office. Factors to take into consideration are ownership, security, protection, control and goodwill . The common breakeven point is  about 25 staff.

What Structure?

You can set up your business in the Philippines as either a Sole Trader, a Partnership or as a Corporation. You will need to obtain a Mayor’s Business Permit to operate within a given Municipality ( certain Exceptions apply)

Ownership Restrictions

Foreign ownership is limited by Mandate of the constitution and specific laws. The types of business that may be set up and run by foreigners in the Philippines is strictly regulated ( we can assist you with determining this).

Learn from our mistakes.

Setting up your business in the Philippines can be a very costly matter, depending on who advises you. There are many firms that making the process sound over complex to justify a hefty fee. BMG Outsourcing have developed a process that works, to offer a fair price to our clients and support you throughout the whole process – and don’t just walk away afterwards. We maintain a strong support relationship with our clients to assist in the day to day operations after the office has been established – and are on call whenever you need us with any management, recruitment, ongoing registrations, business processes or cultural advice.

What is your time worth?

If you have got lots of patience, and time to spare, you could consider tackling the process yourself to set up your own company. Based on our experiences – don’t waste your time unless you know exactly what to do. Here is what you can expect:
Lots of hours lining up in queues – and when you get to the front you find you are in the wrong queue
You never get told the entire process by the authorities – or the steps in the right sequence. Even if you ask the right question you may not get given all the facts.
You have to enjoy multiple trips to the same office – as it is guaranteed you will not have the right paperwork because you were never told about it. Typewriters are still required for completing certain documents so you may need to find some good second hand shops.
Urgency is not a factor in most offices so don’t expect the efficiencies you are used to in your home country. Patience is certainly a virtue.
What is your time worth – really !!

What’s actually involved – some of the steps?

  • Incorporation registration
  • Minimum number of incorporators ( including Filipinos)
  • Bank account and bank certificate
  • Notarised Forms with Documentary stamps
  • Submission to the SEC with appropriate fees
  • Mayors temporary permit
  • Location inspections for fire safety, sanitary and environmental compliance
  • Health permit for yourself
  • Treasury Office at City Hall for your Capital check
  • Registering with internal Revenue
  • Registering business and employees with Phil health, Pag-ibig and SSS
  • Following up to the Treasury with all your permits, registrations and compliances to obtain your Mayor’s permit

Want to Get started?

We have learnt which forms to fill out and which queue to sit in and we still spend many hours waiting in queues. With BMG outsourcing at hand – we can do it all We share our totally transparent process and we won’t charge an arm and leg.

So draw on our practical experience to set up your company in the Philippines