Christmas Is About Giving and Sharing At BMG Outsourcing

Christmas is about giving special gifts that put smiles on people’s faces. This year, BMG Outsourcing, together with the Rotary Club Philippines – Angeles City North Chapter, brought so much joy to its chosen community.

Why do we first think of kids when it’s Christmas time?

Is it because it’s delightful to see their innocent smiles when they receive gifts? Or, is it simply because it is their time?

We all have different thoughts about this. Nonetheless, Christmas is the time when we reach out to our families and loved ones. This is when we share precious moments with them. The time when we hear nothing but Christmas greetings that we look forward to throughout the year.

If there’s a most valuable gift we can give, it’s none other than time. But, are we willing to make time for others, when we are so short of time ourselves?


Why it’s important to give

It’s very special that some companies set Christmas activities as part of their social responsibility.

We are grateful that our employees took the initiative to lend a helping hand. Each of them volunteered to bring in a huge package of soft toys, clothes, and some school essentials for 70 children between 3 to 7 years of age.

Shopping for these children was fun. Their joy made this activity memorable for those who helped. Get your hearts melted with these photos.

All set to our gift giving

All set to our gift giving


Watching the trick performance

Watching the trick performance


Children are having fun whilst the clown performed tricks

Children have fun whilst the clown performed tricks

The best thing we can give

The best gift we can give is our time. It is something we can’t have back. The act of sharing it with other people makes them feel special.

John and Angie distribute lunch boxes to children

John and Angie distribute lunch boxes to children

Did you know that Christmas in the Philippines is the time when children also prepare performances for everyone? We’re glad to experience this little effort by some kids from our chosen community.

Awesome song performance

Awesome song performance

Some of the talented kids in this area prepared a dance number just for us. We appreciated their efforts to practise a special performance that entertained everyone. Although there wasn’t enough space, they danced as if it was a huge stage.

Dance performance by selected kids from the area

Dance performance by selected kids

Getting help from someone

Partnering with non-profit organisations is one great way to help you prepare such Christmas activities. Forming a partnership allows you to connect your efforts and get more hands on board and develop lasting relationships.

BMG Outsourcing w/ Rotaract Club of Angeles North

BMG Outsourcing w/ Rotaract Club of Angeles

This year, BMG Outsourcing was delighted to partner with the Rotary Club of Angeles North and Victory Christian Fellowship in our outreach activity.

We brought lunch boxes, hand-made decorations, and invited clowns to bring more laughter.

Be part of the BMG Family!

A good workplace doesn’t solely focus on its clients. One of their goals could include improving the welfare of the community. The BMG Outsourcing family believes that Christmas is about giving back.

We believe that a good workplace begins with employees working together harmoniously with common values and goals. To achieve this, the local community is equally important. A workplace where positivity surrounds it in all aspects, from suppliers to clients to the locals that live there.

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