One Thing You Miss When Choosing Outsourcing Services

Hiring outsourcing services is very common in today’s business world. As a matter of fact, big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all leveraging the benefits . With this in mind, you might now be considering this idea in order to save cost, time, and energy.

But the question remains, who should you hire?

There are many outsourcing services out there. Yet finding the perfect fit for you can be one of your the hardest challenges, as how do you know who is going to fit in the longer term . As a business owner, the first things you should consider are their client testimonials –  and if they have the skills to match your requirements.OK, these are given but you are missing out something important here.

Exemplary leadership.

Now what does exemplary leadership mean and why should you be considering this?

An exemplary leader serves as the best model to everyone. We all know for a fact that having this leader surely gives everyone in the organisation motivation.

James Kouzes and Barry Posner conducted a research about leadership which led them to naming the five practices of exemplary leadership. The research concluded that:

  1.      Leaders model the way

They set the organisational standards based on their beliefs and values. As a business owner wanting to outsource tasks, take time to know if the organisational standards are aligned to that of your own. This is when you start creating a connection even whilst the negotiation process is ongoing.

When goals are matched, this gives you the confidence that you should get the desired relationship from them.

  1.      Leaders inspire a Shared Vision

We have heard the adage, “walk your talk” many times when we talk about leadership. How do we know if leaders actually do this?

What they envision is clear through their decisions and actions. Exemplary leaders have the ability to see what’s coming ahead and engage the team in the process.

When the team is driven by a shared vision, there is harmony. When there is harmony, high performance can be reached.

  1.      Leaders challenge the process

They are not discouraged when setbacks happen . Instead, they see this as a great opportunity to evolve. Challenging the process doesn’t only happen within the organisation. Exemplary leaders should also encourage you, as a business, to do the same. On the other hand, it has to be a calculated risk.

They help you how to become more innovative to enable continual improvement. They are not afraid of making mistakes because they have prepared steps on how to rectify them and learn from them.

  1.      Leaders enable others to act

They delegate and collaborate on tasks confidently because they have engaged members in the team. More importantly, they involve you before, during and after the project.

  1.      Encourage the Heart

Exemplary leaders recognise both the team’s and your effort. They do not take all the  credit but recognise the teamwork.

BMG Outsourcing is one of the few companies that establishes exemplary leadership within the organisation. The team believes that having this culture gives its clients results beyond their expectations. We make sure that our core values are shared and embraced by our clients.

Experience this with the outsourcing services we offer. Talk to us at for more details.