How a New Career Can Help You Find Your True Passion

Four tips in finding a new career path

Did you ever realise that your “dream job” was far from your expectations? In a survey by “88% of Filipino professionals are considering making the switch to another industry altogether, simply because they want to find “the best job”. Some respondents revealed dishonesty about their job descriptions prior to signing their contracts. Most of […]

Outsourcing Staff: The Next Big Thing for Your Business

Outsourced accountants in the Philippines

Outsourcing staff can either help you achieve long-term goals or be a roadblock for your business when objectives are not clear. Clarity on your business objectives is the most important thing to identify before outsourcing. This gives you ease in finding the right outsourcing partner because you can compare their services to your goals. But […]

6 Work Productivity Tips (with Time Management Strategies)

How to work productively

Work productivity is hard to achieve when many distractions are present in the workplace. Making the most of your time is critical when there are too many tasks to be done within a specific period of time. There are ways to improve your work productivity. Regardless if you are working from home or in the […]

5 Email Etiquette Rules when Applying for Jobs

email etiquette: How to create professional email when applying for jobs

Are you currently applying for a job? If yes, how many emails have you sent to recruiters so far? Email communication has become an essential means of communication for professionals. It can be more than just a way to exchange job application information. That is when recruiters can also assess an applicant’s professionalism and courtesy. […]

5 Ways to Achieve Effective Communication Skills

Best technique to achieve effective communication skills

Effective communication skill is one of the most powerful tools you need to master as a professional and an individual. A perfect CV is not sufficient if you do not know how to send across a clear message to the recruiter properly. A 2018 study by Job outlook shows that 95.9% of employers consider oral/written […]

7 Reasons Why Australians Outsource to Philippines

Outsource to Philippines

For many years, the Philippines has established itself as one of the most popular outsourcing destinations for multi-national companies and businesses from different countries. One of the countries that consistently outsource to the Philippines is Australia. But why do many Australian businesses prefer to outsource to the Philippines? Reasons why many Australians outsource to the […]

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Loan Processing

Learn the 5 benefits of outsourcing loan processing in the Philippines

The ever-changing environment has pushed companies and businesses to outsource functions and/or services. In the Philippines, outsourced loan processors is a growing trend as industries have adjusted to the new normal. Outsourcing is not just a solution to meet market demands and to survive the financial challenges of a company. It offers opportunities to grow […]

4 Security Questions to Ask your Outsourcing Partner

Here are four questions you can ask, to make sure your data is safe.

One of the essential questions to ask your outsourcing partner is the security measures it implements in the office. With the increase in online threats, outsourcing companies invest more on infrastructures to secure staff safety and data privacy. When entering into agreements with your outsourcing partner, you should be able to discuss their security protocols […]

Quick Guide: Outsourced Bookkeeping and Accounting

Complete guide to outsource your book keeping and accounting to Philippines

Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting is a strategy used by many small businesses, companies, and firms in Australia. Since the pandemic, more businesses have seen great opportunities from outsourcing tasks such as: Focusing on core functions Reducing overhead costs Speeding up processes Meeting compliance requirements and the list goes on. If you are thinking about outsourcing […]

3 Reasons Why Candidates Must Pay Attention to Recruitment Process

Here are three reasons why candidates must pay attention to recruitment processes

A good recruitment process directs the candidates to the right job roles, based on their skills and expertise. In our previous article, job mismatch is cited as one factor to a staff’s resignation from a company. Job mismatch usually happens when assessment of skills and the job required are lacking. This can potentially lead to: […]