Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for corporations goes beyond the simple task and role outsourcing to a more planned, structured approach to take into account the stakeholders, staff, technology, processes, risks and potential barriers. However, since the benefits of BPO to the Philippines can be significant in terms of cost savings and increased productivity, every corporation could consider this alternative approach, as it is clear that BPO is here to stay.

The depth of experience and skills within the BMG group, both in Australia and Philippines, place us in the top category of BPO providers in the world :

  • We have successfully placed in excess of 100 staff over the past 5 years with an attrition rate of less than 1%.
  • Our goal is to build quality long term partnerships with our clients, not to be the biggest bpo company as biggest is not always the best.
  • We focus on the correlation between recruitment, culture and performance with our “Think Global Team” methodology.
  • We aim to provide long term security and careers for our team members to maximise your investment in training and development of your team.
  • We seek to implement world best practices in outsourcing.
  • We work with our clients to ensure their procedures and processes will adapt to business process outsourcing.
  • We seek to identify and minimise risks.


We recommend the first step in BPO is to attend our “Get Ready to Outsource” workshops tailored specifically to your business, to include :


  • Cost/Benefit analysis of bpo and alternatives
  • Review of your business mission statement and vision
  • Identify new opportunities to improve the business by outsourcing
  • Review of systemise and processes for outsourcing readiness
  • Risk analysis
  • Definition of core/non core processes
  • Legal requirements
  • Skill set/resource availability
  • Staff recruitment
  • Hardware /software / technology

  • Contractual obligations
  • Developing processes and  operating procedures
  • Communication plans
  • Training and development plan
  • Project management, timelines and milestones
  • Performance measurement
  • Personnel management and  evaluation

  • Managing growth with current  resources
  • Performance management /  analytics
  • Customer points of contact
  • Change management
  • Constant process improvement


It is often harder to have your Australian team adapt to work with an offshore team than for the offshore team to learn the Australian processes. BMG alerts you to the perceived threats and communication barriers, to facilitate change management and to define roles.

BMG O recommends working closely together to clearly define the governance teams to manage each stage of the relationship, job description of your offshore hires, to select the best available. We recommend the more experienced outsourced technical/ management staff are positioned at the top, those who understand the client technology and business owners – to reduce communication delays and ensure a smooth transition of knowledge to offshore.

If requirements or specifications are not clear, it infringes successful collaboration, causes frustration though repeatedly asking for clarification and lack of confidence in the strategy.

BMG outsourcing process is to involve key stakeholders in collaboration meetings on process design, facilitate effective communication to adopt the system and ensure the design is reflected and embedded into the business practice and organisational culture. This involves workshops, assigning managers and all involved to own the outcomes and encourage active participation and regular meetings.

For more information on engagement models refer

BMG Outsourcing are careful to manage their bpo solutions for conflicts that can arise at the outset which unattended could escalate to cause staff fragmentation, loss of productivity and intercompany conflicts.The single most important driver behind judging outsourcing effectiveness is employee performance. It has been often found in many companies that the outsourced workforce has a difficult time while working with onsite clients. Communication delays and failure to communicate lack of sufficiency in requirement analysis, and irresponsible or careless workers. Sometimes the onsite workers, who have been asked to train the offshore workers, fear of losing their jobs and consequently do not bother to make their best effort to support effective knowledge transition. At other times, there is a lack of product knowledge and business knowledge that stand in the way of obtaining timely results. Conflict and change management is therefore imperative to get the “buy-in” of all parties and to avoid misunderstanding of cultural issues between the local client and offshore destination.
BMG Outsourcing use business process mapping to assist clients to define what the company does, who is responsible, to what standard a business process should be completed, and how the success of a business process can be determined. The main purpose behind business process mapping is to assist organisations in becoming more efficient. A clear and detailed business process map or diagram facilitates brainstorming and enables stakeholders to assess whether or not improvements can be made to the current process.
All partners must commit to the process, be able to communicate, establish and maintain inter-organisational interfaces and processes, and be agile to make internal adjustments in response to a partner’s action or changes in the environment.
KPI’s must be identified and processes developed with those KPI goals in mind. What you can measure you can manage, so feedback, commitment to constant improvement is crucial to optimise success. Our KPI reporting is tailored to the client and will deliver outcomes for performance measurement based on agreed criteria.
BMG Outsourcing can provide a training package for your Australian team to both make them offshore ready and adopt the “Global Team” mantra. If requirements or specifications are not clear, it infringes successful collaboration. Partners must be able to communicate, establish and maintain inter-organisational interfaces and processes, and be agile to make internal adjustments in response to a partner’s action or changes in the environment.
Stakeholders must be prepared to be agile to make internal adjustments in response to a partner’s action or changes in the environment. It’s all about bringing people on the journey so that changed processes get properly embedded and people don’t slip back to old ways.
Security alerts, threats, data hacking and ransoms are becoming everyday language . Combined with the complexity of the technology platforms, multi-layers and cloud storage, companies are getting overwhelmed, increasingly nervous and in fear of the consequences of breaching their responsibilities to their clients. This is one of the key reasons that companies are reluctant to lose control of data security and outsource their critical business processes to an outside service provider.
BMG Outsourcing agreement includes a “risk mitigation strategy” and “business continuity and disaster recovery plan”. It is important to recognise that your company and the outsourcing provider SHARE RESPONSIBILITY for the risk management of the data, and both must take adequate steps to recognise the responsibility and confidentiality of the data they handle, manage the process and prevent downtime and interruptions. The process requires transparency of the security policies followed and regular evaluation.
At the outset, we suggest partners establish and agree on an exit strategy if the outsourcing arrangement fails to work, to ensure:

  • Your rights to retain your trained staff and move to an alternative provider are clear
  • A clear definition of the exit penalty clauses, length of notice required

Harsh restrictions are not placed on staff seeking alternative employment if the role does not suit.
As your company grows, you may consider setting up your own office – so make sure your staff can move with you.


Your Transition Plan:


BMG Outsourcing offer a flexible bpo solutions readiness package to suit your requirements- where you pick the parts you require. We work with you to ensure the elements are in place for a successful transition, you have identified your KPI’s and measurable outcome, that checkpoints are defined and there is minimum disruption to your operations. Our Australian team are key stakeholders in assisting with your process definition. Our Philippines Serviced Office Account Managers play an active role in implementing the processes and continually assessing the outcomes by reporting back to the stakeholders and participants.

How to Evaluate Outsourcing Services


Based on the outcomes and evaluation of the above planning process, you can make an informed decision on the level and type of bpo services you require. Whether it is a Serviced Office, your own staff or establishing your own office, BMG Outsourcing can advise.