BMG Outsourcing Spreads Drug Awareness Through A Play

We decided to take a little break from outsourcing and online marketing topics to discuss something very important. Let’s begin with this question: how important is it to discuss drug awareness in your workplace? BMG Outsourcing will answer the question in the most honest way.


A word that we associate with negative thoughts.

A word that we perceive as a destructive instrument to our mind, our body, our family, and the whole society. It destroys relationships – in all forms – and lives.

The consequences of drug abuse in the workplace must be taken into consideration. After all, how can you, as a company, manage to achieve goals and employee relations when the negative effects of drugs are present and potentially getting out of hand?

We often discuss this topic through symposiums, seminars, and the like. But BMG Outsourcing puts this matter into light in an artistic way.

Last October 26, the company attended an intimate theatrical presentation about drug abuse. The one-act play is entitled Ambon Ng Kristal (Raindrops Of Crystal). It is about a teenager and his struggles with his family and finding refuge with drugs. The play also introduced the most common drugs, where they come from, and their effects.

BMG were proud of the initiative taken by one of its employees, Bianca Nagac, who is a part of the theatrical group and encouraged the employees to come along and watch. In the beautiful surrounds of the historic Pamintuan Mansion in Angeles City, many were tearful as they watched the plot unfold and witness the inevitable outcome of the drug addiction.

So, how important it is to discuss drug awareness in the workplace?

We value addressing this issue in a number of ways:-

  1. Creating a healthier environment

A sound mind is in a sound body. The tasks we carry out for your business success demand thorough analysis and creativity. We like to guarantee a high-quality of work to all our clients. For us to do that, we make sure our employees are in the right state of mind.

A healthy environment encourages everyone to work at their optimum performance and for  employees to accomplish quality tasks. On top of that, we value our clients’ time. A healthy employee should never need to take sick leave

  1. Preserve relationships

Drug abuse destroys relationships because it alters the mood of an individual. We take care of our clients by listening and catering to their needs. This can only be done with a positive attitude. Take a few minutes and listen and read about  what some of our clients have to say about our services.

  1. Law compliance

This issue happens around the world. No one is exempted. This is why companies have to comply with laws about drug usage.

The Philippine government is keen to lessen the number of cases. BMG Outsourcing is one for this cause. We believe that a drug-free workplace means stability, productivity, and high performance.

  1. Raise everyone’s awareness

A genuine company isn’t only concerned about its employees and customers. An ideal company takes a proactive approach towards improving the welfare of society. This is how it shows trust and gains respect of its employees. The company values become more transparent and  the company attracts like-minded recruits that share the same values. Remember, company values are non-negotiable.

Raising awareness is an essential social responsibility, to educate people so they can pass it on to others. As the adage says, teach a man how to catch a fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

  1. Reduce workplace accidents

Drug abuse affects the whole being of a person. They lose focus, functionality, and productivity. It also leads to behavioural changes. With this in mind, an individual becomes more prone to accidents and become a high risk to the company.

effects of drugs

One of the posters displayed in the venue shows the adverse effects of drug abuse

Australia has an obligation to reduce workplace accidents and to take active steps to address risks associated with all activities. The new, somewhat controversial  Philippines President has implemented strict law enforcement measures to reduce the availability drugs and to stop drug pushers. The world is eagerly watching on, as this is a worldwide problem that is affecting too many, and unfortunately, the outcome of drug abuse is mostly irreversible. That is why BMG are so keen to be proactive. That’s why we take into consideration that Australian companies can be more confident to hire offshore staff in the Philippines than in other parts of the world.

Do you share the same opinions as us? Let us know by commenting below. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

BMG Outsourcing understands the stresses that many Filipinos face not only in their private lives but also at work. Accounting and online marketing tasks can be stressful. But BMG invests in management training and personal development to ensure a positive workplace and high-quality client service.

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