A New Light: What Changed After the Lockdown

How do you shed a new light for everyone?

It is a question that many business owners have probably asked as we transition to the new normal. For BMG Outsourcing, shedding a new light means putting a clearer perspective of the changes happening around us. It is about making those changes work for everyone.

Changes are immense and inevitable: factors that can appear appalling for some. But with a proper mindset and clarity of aims, we can make it work to our advantage. Changes and challenges are two sides of a coin – the same coin that gives us value and self-fulfillment.

The physical changes

From the onset of the lockdown back in March, until the return of the skeletal workforce last June, physical changes are made to ensure everyone’s safety, productivity, and well-being. Our safety precautions extend to non-BMG staff who are visiting for business and other purposes.

Upon entry in the office, staff are required to check and record their body temperature before going to their workstations. Some seats are vacated to observe the 1-meter social distancing policy. Markers are placed to guide the staff when passing by areas within the office premises. Sanitation tips and health reminders are posted on designated workstations and other spots within the office premises. Visitors are required to fill-up a health checklist form at the reception area.

Markers placed on biometrics queue area


Body temperature and sanitation area
Current workstation set-up
Health checklist form for visitors

New policies in compliance with DTI and DOLE Interim Guidelines

The new policies issued by the Management Team are given good remarks by a DOLE Region 3 representative during an inspection. This shows the initiative, conformity, and cooperation of BMG Outsourcing in maintaining a safe and professional working environment for the staff.

These new policies are posted on office walls, doors, workstations, and other areas where staff can easily read them. The Management Team also ensured that our New Normal publications and reminders are communicated to everyone affected by the changes. As part of our compliance, our clients are informed with the latest updates and announcements – especially those that are released by the national government.

Reminders posted on the reception area
Safety precautions posted on the designated isolation room

Shedding a new light

Our responsibility to help everyone adjust in the new normal does not end in our compliance with the government-mandated policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We believe that boosting everyone’s morale is necessary to make things easier, so we can work smoothly and maintain the quality of work we’ve always guaranteed our clients. Clear and constant communication is a simple yet highly effective task to maintain everyone’s cooperation.

This is our way of demonstrating our amazing culture to show our unending commitment to the staff and our clientele amidst challenges.