Making The Shift: 7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Staff Helps the Business

Here are the 7 reasons why outsourcing staff helps the business

The trend of outsourcing staff has increased since the onset of the global pandemic. While this has been a common strategy for many Australian businesses, there are business owners who feel frustrated with the shift.

Based on our experiences dealing with different kinds of businesses, the most common cited frustrations of business owners are:

  • Poor customer service
  • Lock-in contracts
  • Low quality of candidates
  • Big time zone difference
  • Culture fit

Outsourcing has drawbacks. However, there are better opportunities it offers to your business if you find the right outsourcing partner for you.

7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Staff Can Help your Business

 1. You need to innovate

The more your business expands, the more valuable the time becomes. However, doing mundane tasks that are part of daily operations can take up your time. This limits your capacity to find innovative ways for business growth.

Assigning routine tasks to an outsourced staff, at a cheaper cost, lessens the burden of running the business as you devote more time on core functions and decision-making.

2. Prevent business growth from plateauing

If business progress seems slow for a long period of time, it can indicate that business maturity has plateaued.

Various reasons such as insufficient resources and inefficient processes contribute to this phenomenon. If your business experiences this, investigate its root cause to find out the best course of action to take. Outsourcing staff who specialises in sales may be more cost-efficient in the long run than outsourcing sales and marketing to third-party agencies.

3. Expand team’s capacity

Want to cater to a new market or reach a wider audience? Before taking a step to achieve this, look into your team’s capacity if they can manage more workloads. It is a good idea to always have a backup plan in case the team is overloaded with deadlines.

TIP: Not ready to have a full-time outsourced staff to help your team with meeting deadlines? Look for outsourcing companies that offer hourly-rate services.

4. Improve certain processes in your business

Adapting to changes involves improving existing processes. For example, assigning project coordinators can help you monitor the progress of ongoing projects and deadlines. This limits the possibility of missing out on details or deadlines that could lead to losing clients.

5. Elevate customer service

As a business owner, nurturing customers is as important as winning them. Building long-lasting relationships with them take time and a huge amount of effort. Outsourcing a dedicated staff for customer service guarantees that client concerns are addressed right away. This also improves response times as many customers expect to receive a quick response.

Why outsourcing staff helps your business

6. Control budget

If a business has its peak season, it also has a low season that negatively impacts cash flow. This makes it more challenging to hire more resources if you are expanding the business.

Delegating functions through outsourcing minimises overhead costs without compromising business efficiency. This opens up more opportunities to allocate funds for other projects.

7. Access to qualified professionals

Some business owners have difficulty in finding skilled professionals to perform functions in the business. The advantage of outsourcing to the Philippines is the assurance of finding quality talents who will be committed in the long run. From an outsourcing company’s perspective, client satisfaction matters to outsourced staff in the Philippines as it attracts more career opportunities for them.

How to find the right outsourcing partner for my business?

The SMART approach includes the factors you need to consider when outsourcing business processes. Of course, it is easier said than done. Expect that it will take a lot of time finding the right partner for your business.

When seeking an outsourcing partner, you must look into the:

  • Strategy they present to help you with your business goals
  • Management structure
  • Application of a structured transition to outsourcing
  • Reliable support available
  • Transparency of contracts and other details

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Other details to ask an outsourcing service provider

Before entering into an agreement, make sure that security measures are implemented by the outsourcing service provider. This protects you from potential risks to data privacy. Some important details to discuss are:

  • Installed physical security devices in office premises
  • Policies on data usage within and outside office premises
  • Network security

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