6 Work Productivity Tips (with Time Management Strategies)

How to work productively

Work productivity is hard to achieve when many distractions are present in the workplace. Making the most of your time is critical when there are too many tasks to be done within a specific period of time.

There are ways to improve your work productivity. Regardless if you are working from home or in the office, these strategies can help you reach your optimal productivity and work smarter.

6 Word Productivity Tips

  1. Stop multi-tasking, focus on one task at a time

When you do multiple things at once, you are accomplishing very little. Research shows that our brain splits in half when working on two simultaneous goals. It leads to committing more errors and causes us to forget details.

Multi-tasking can be difficult to stop. The key here is starting your day by organising tasks according to their priority level. Crossing out finished tasks reflects your efficiency at work. This can boost your morale by being more productive.

  1. Turn off unnecessary notifications

Getting easily distracted by the notifications popping up on your screen? You are not alone. This simple distraction can break your momentum at work. It can sometimes divert your attention from one task to attending to an email or a message – leaving what needs to be done behind.

It helps to set an interval when checking these notifications. If possible, advise your team on the best time to communicate with you.

  1. Say no, check your capacity first

There’s no need to say yes to every task given to you. Check your capacity first if you have time to do the task. Do not compromise your priority projects to accept new responsibilities. Gently refuse the task when your capacity is full. Or, you can proceed to the next tip.

  1. Delegate tasks

Split up your tasks between your team members so you can focus more on assignments that are specifically assigned to you. It speeds up the process of task completion. Moreover, this lets everyone utilise their skills and contribute to the team’s effort.

  1. Use time management techniques

There are techniques to manage your time effectively. The key here is knowing what works best for you. Here are a few methods you can try:

  • Pomodoro technique – this method encourages you to work with the time you have. Simply break your work hours into 25-minute chunks and take five-minute breaks after. This technique is ideal for creative thinkers or those who are often burnt out from work.
  • Eisenhower matrix – create four quadrants where you can sort tasks by important vs. unimportant and urgent vs. urgent. The graphic below is a guide on how to use it. This method works best for those who are in leadership positions or decision-makers.

Eisenhower matrix - Time management

  • Time-blocking method – this process is a time management habit popularised by Elon Musk. It divides the day into slots for different tasks. For example, you can divide your day into five-minute slots to read emails, answer phone calls etc. You should identify how much time is needed to accomplish tasks within the day to be more realistic.
  1. Take a break

With the workloads we have in a day, our brain gets overwhelmed and we feel burned out. Taking a break allows you to recharge and clear your mind. It is the period where you can get back your momentum for the next task. A five to 10-minute break every few hours won’t hurt your productivity.

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