4 Security Questions to Ask your Outsourcing Partner

Here are four questions you can ask, to make sure your data is safe.

One of the essential questions to ask your outsourcing partner is the security measures it implements in the office. With the increase in online threats, outsourcing companies invest more on infrastructures to secure staff safety and data privacy.

When entering into agreements with your outsourcing partner, you should be able to discuss their security protocols by asking these 4 questions.

  1. What are the physical security devices installed in office premises?

Servers are the primary physical security you need to ensure because this is where all records are kept. This physical security is necessary to manage the access given to your outsourced staff and how data are disseminated.

You also need to be aware of your outsourced staff’s security inside the office premises. Because confidential transactions take place daily, the installation of devices like biometrics and CCTVs adds another layer of security from external threats.

  1. Are there policies implemented when creating, using, and terminating data/accounts?

Because many things are now accessible via the web, it becomes easier to exchange data.

This fact puts the business at risk of data breaches. To mitigate this, outsourcing providers generally implement their own policies on managing data and user accounts.

You may need to discuss this thoroughly with your outsourcing partner to assess how their policies are going to affect your data security.

Outsourcing partner implements policies on managing data to mitigate the risks of data breaches.

  1. How does the outsourcing provider give access to staff when working outside the office premises is needed?

This became a major concern as companies adapt to the work-from-home setup during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But working outside office spaces is not only applicable during the pandemic.

Anticipate that outsourced staff will need to take home tasks at some point. How does the outsourcing provider ensure that data remain secured even outside the office premises? Are there specific regulations the outsourced staff needs to follow when working remotely? It’s worth knowing these at an early stage.

  1. Is there network security in place?

How the outsourcing provider protects data usage is crucial to mitigate the risk of opportunistic hackers connecting to the network to access servers, computers, and devices.

Ensure that your outsourcing partner has network security in place. It may also be necessary to discuss if they have protocols in installing software to devices. Installation of software can be a potential threat to data security if it contains malware.

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