3 Reasons Why Candidates Must Pay Attention to Recruitment Process

Here are three reasons why candidates must pay attention to recruitment processes

A good recruitment process directs the candidates to the right job roles, based on their skills and expertise. In our previous article, job mismatch is cited as one factor to a staff’s resignation from a company.

Job mismatch usually happens when assessment of skills and the job required are lacking. This can potentially lead to:

  • Productivity loss
  • Poor quality of output
  • Lower job satisfaction

When candidates do not go through a well-defined recruitment process, it defeats the purpose of hiring quality resources to fill in the job role. Similarly, it limits the opportunity of candidates to have a long term and stable career in a company.

3 Reasons Why Recruitment Process Matters for Candidates

Ensures transparency of the application status

Candidates are often frustrated on the status of their applications to companies – with some left hanging to uncertainty.

Informing the candidates on the standard recruitment process gives them confidence that departments and persons involved (ie. Recruitment, HR, clients, etc.) are following the procedure. This avoids confusion on who to communicate with if concern arises.

Refer the candidate to the right job and client

For candidates who are new to the BPO industry, clients have different set of requirements and work culture despite recruiting for the same job role with others.

Recruiting job candidates is not only about pooling qualified people. It is also about assessing the attitude and work ethics of the candidates. Recruiters are responsible for hiring candidates for client where there is a culture fit.

Most outsourcing companies include client interviews for job candidates who passed the initial interview. This helps both the client and the candidate get to know each other before working together.

Set proper expectations

A crucial part during the recruitment process is briefing candidates on what to expect after being hired.

For example, the work setup should be clarified to candidates who fit the qualifications but their current location is not feasible for an office-based setup.

Setting proper expectations includes, but are not limited to:

  • Explaining the nature of the client’s business
  • The importance of the role to daily business operations
  • Discussion of expected salary

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