Making The Shift: 10 Signs To Consider Outsourcing Staff

Many businesses have heard about the benefits of outsourcing staff – saving costs, time, energy etc. But despite these benefits, many businesses haven’t fully embraced the idea of giving tasks to individuals who are not physically in their offices.

The trend of outsourcing has recently become popular for SMEs. One can find a skilled contractor from across the globe to assist businesses with one-off or regular tasks. This helps them free up their time and concentrate on the core issues of their businesses.

On the contrary, there are drawbacks when outsourcing tasks. Committing mistakes and sending a single task back and forth take so much time to proceed onto the next one. Another is the slow internet connection which is a common situation. Yet there are business owners who prefer the traditional way regardless of these drawbacks.

It is understandable to prefer all systems and processes in-house. However, there are certain signs that indicate an opportunity to outsource some projects.

10 Signs To Start Outsourcing Business Services

 1. The need for an expert

Hiring an in-house expert for a one-off or seasonal task is costly and not a strategic move to make. Another is you might hire one who just focuses on a single area of expertise.

Outsourcing allows you to access a pool of skilled contractors in many diverse areas – offering services at very competitive rates.  

2. Too much multi-tasking

Many business owners are hands-on with all tasks. This is beneficial at times but can also hurt a business in the long run. Doing non-core tasks can take up too much of your time in the day. It can also take your focus off major tasks needed for the business. Remember that being a jack-of-all-trades type can be exhausting.

An assistant can handle all the menial tasks day in and day out. With more free time, you and your regular employees can focus on critical business matters.

3. In the Verge of an expansion

As clients increase, so are your tasks. This leads to hiring more people and a bigger space to accommodate everyone.

What if you only want to hold a small team of 10 or less?

The prospect of expansion can be daunting at times for small business owners. Handling newer tasks and obligations make it challenging to progress with your transition. A reason why many waiver at the thought of expanding. They are overwhelmed with the growing number of tasks which must be done so they keep their operations ongoing.

Having outsourced team can back you up to make a smooth transition for expansion. They can either help you with accomplishing simple tasks but are essential to your business. Bookkeeping and accountancy are good examples of tasks you may consider outsourcing.

4. Insufficient and tighter budget

If a business has its peak season, it also has a low season that negatively affects cash flow. In other cases, you may be in an expansion mode but your funds are insufficient to hire more personnel. You have to train and have them commit long term. Not to mention the other cost that has to occur like their insurance, sick leaves, benefits etc.

Delegating functions through outsourcing minimises overhead costs without compromising the efficiency of your business. This opens up more opportunities to allocate funds for research & development projects, offer new services and many more.

5. Drowning in too much paperwork

Is your business using a cloud-based technology for filing systems?

Shifting from piles of papers to paperless filing systems means investing in time, education and effort to adapt to new methodologies. But, having an outsourced team or an individual to assist along the way helps you evaluate your own record keeping processes. They can suggest areas of improvement to build a more systemised business structure at a reasonable cost.

6. Committed professionals are difficult to find

There are many experts in your area – that’s a fact. The question is, are they committed enough to stay longer?

In such delicate functions, it is critical to have someone who meets your standards. This means training them and meeting their demands without the certainty of having them in the long run. No business is exempted to having an employee leave once they build up their CVs to get a more high-paying job.

The advantage of outsourcing is the assurance of getting a task – even a project – done because there is an agreement between two parties. In an outsourcing company’s perspective, it is important to give their clients satisfaction so they could attract more projects in the long run.

7. Workload Goes Up And Down

Having frequent on and off workloads?

It is hard to handle or delegate a workload that is fluctuating. There will be times when you do not have enough work to pass around; times you do not have enough trained hands to handle the job. When this happens, it is advantageous to outsource tasks and pay contractors accordingly than to have extra employees sitting in your office idle.

8. Sticking With Small Spaces

Moving to a bigger space because of expansion may be premature for you. It may be even discomforting to some as they would prefer managing a small team in the long run. They find it easier to get control of everything.

No one can predict how far a business can take off. However, an expansion means relocating your office to a much bigger or adding an extra space to operate efficiently. In order to keep that small space you have, you only need to identify tasks that don’t belong to your core areas. Some business owners outsource virtual assistants to help them accomplish office works.

9. Abhors The Idea Of Buying Costly Software

Keeping up with technology means continually investing in costly software. However, you can utilise the technology of your outsourcing team who are trained with an advanced understanding that can keep your business ahead of your competitors.

If you are encountering such situations then it may be that sign that you need to put your business in capable and affordable hands –  with outsourcing.

10. Meeting deadlines is quite a deadly workload

Rushing to meet deadlines to avoid penalties but still ending up paying?

We can’t blame you for that. Running a business burns you out that you miss other important assignments you put on hold. Instead of putting these assignments on hold, why not have someone who can do them even whilst you’re asleep?

Outsourcing lets you get a time zone advantage to have workloads be done the next day. It gives you the benefit of the round-the-clock operation without changing office hours.

Are you experiencing some of these signs?

Have you done a business health check and found some of these signs? If you’re thinking that you need to consider outsourcing staff, you are correct!!

Make sure that you are partnering with a trusted outsourcing provider that offers a wide array of services. Whether be it on accounting, virtual assistants and online marketing!! Feel free to check out BMG Outsourcing services and email us at so we can discuss what’s in it for you.